Web Application Development Case Study

Custom We App development displayed on mobile and desktop ssytems


Our client had been using a mixture of Excel, Outlook, and ERP systems to keep track of customer interactions, lead flow, and sales engagements.The data collected was in multiple data islands and none of the systems talked to each other.  As a result, multiple people were required to enter the same data into different systems. Collected data wasn’t clean.As a result, the sales team had a hard time keeping track of archival customer interactions. We suggested building a custom web application for specific needs of this organization.


Our team built a web-based home-brew Customer Management System using ERP system JavaScript and .Net framework. The new custom web application integrated all Outlook/Excel and ERP based contacts as well as sales and quoting histories from the ERP system. Further integrated reporting made real time tracking of inventory possible which helped the sales team during sales calls. The new system was also integrated into the web based lead management system to automatically generate leads within the sales management platform. The new system was built with call tracking in mind and integrated tightly into outlook. A lead lifecycle was implemented into the system to nurture leads and to track conversion statuses. Customer follow-ups were built into the system to automatically remind the sales staff when a follow-up was due.


The new interface is accessible even from remote locations via the web. Data is now entered by the sales team and not multiple people from multiple platforms.  As a result data accuracy has improved by 90%. Management is now able to see client contacts, client quoting, and sales closing activity through real time reporting. Archival account interaction data has been logged and is now available to all sales team members instantly.