Anyon Consulting proudly partnered with Turkish Airlines to revolutionize their pilot training process by developing a state-of-the-art online exam system. This powerful tool streamlines the evaluation process, delivering real-time test scores via web browsers and Windows desktop applications for both students and instructors alike.

Designed exclusively for the Turkish Airlines Ground Training Department, our custom-built application simplifies and enhances the pilot education experience. By harnessing technologies such as Windows MFC, C#, and for the front end, along with SQL Server for the back end, we've crafted an efficient and user-friendly examination platform.

At the core of this system, a meticulously designed database stores a plethora of questions and test-taker information. Leveraging a cutting-edge AI algorithm, the application dynamically adjusts questions throughout the examination, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage of every topic and level in each test session.

Our partnership with Turkish Airlines has not only streamlined their pilot training program but also elevated the standards for aviation training technology. With the implementation of our innovative online pilot exam system, we have contributed to shaping the future of aviation education by ensuring that aspiring pilots receive accurate and prompt feedback to help them soar higher in their careers.