RegEx in Alteryx

RegEx – Regular Expressions in Alteryx

RegEx, or regular expressions, is a powerful tool for pattern matching in Alteryx. It can be used to extract, match, and replace specific patterns in text data. With the Formula tool in Alteryx is possible to use only three different options: Regex count matches (string, pattern)   –> gives a number as output Regex match –>...Continue reading

Tableau Regex

What are the top 5 useful Tableau RegEx (Regular Expressions) techniques?

Using Tableau helps people to understand and visualize their data. But sometimes, data can be really messy and difficult to work with. That’s where “regex” techniques come in. “Regex” stands for “Regular Expressions,” which are special codes that you can use to organize and clean up data in Tableau. For example, let’s say you have...Continue reading

Accessibility - Accessible Power BI Dashboard vs Accessible Tableau Dashboard

Accessibility – Accessible Power BI Dashboard vs Accessible Tableau Dashboard

Accessible Power BI Dashboard Vs Accessible Tableau Dashboard Companies today, regardless of their size or their market, use Business Intelligence tools. The primary purpose of a Business Intelligence tool is to assist businesses in decision-making by visualize their data in the form of dashboards in order to gain insights of their data and better understand...Continue reading

Tableau Accessibility Alt Text

Tableau Accessibility Features – Alt Text – Titles and Tooltips

Operable: Alt Text, Titles and Tool-tips When a user navigates to a view on a dashboard using the keyboard (with using Tab or Shift+Tab), a screen reader will speak: Title of the view (if visible) Caption of the view (if visible) Keyboard shortcuts for clearing any selected marks and opening the View Data window  alt-text...Continue reading

Tableau Accessibility Keyboard navigation

Tableau Accessibility Features – Keyboard navigation

Understandable: Keyboard navigation Keyboard navigation is tremendously important for a visually challenged user to move around in Tableau dashboards. Users with motor disabilities may not be able to depend on a mouse or trackpad to interact with their computer, since those devices are required to have fine finger control. Users with visual disabilities may not...Continue reading

Tableau Accessibility Features Navigating with a Screen Reader

Tableau Accessibility Features – Navigating with a Screen Reader

Understandable: Navigating with a Screen Reader A screen reader is an application that reads out loud the contents being displayed on your screen. Visually impaired users depend on a screen reader to be able to interact with online content. There are different screen readers exists, but the top three ones are JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver....Continue reading

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