SQL Server Evolution

The Transformation of On-Premises SQL Server: A Mirror of DBA Evolution

The world of database administration (DBA) is undergoing a significant transformation, with on-premises SQL Server standing as an emblem of this change. Once the cornerstone of enterprise data management, the role of SQL Server and the traditional DBA is being reshaped by cloud computing, automation, and new developer roles. This shift isn’t just a technological...Continue reading

Microsoft SQL Server vs Snowflake

Comparing Microsoft SQL Server vs Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse. Sure, you can integrate streaming data, work with unstructured data, and build it into an encompassing data lakehouse. But Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse. It’s meant to process data for your business analytic purposes. If your use case is not building a data warehouse, but rather an OLTP...Continue reading

automate to delete aged backup files

How to Automate PowerShell Scripts through Task Scheduler to delete SQL Server backup files

Although there are many different ways to automate deleting SQL Server’s old backup files on the SQL Server, because of some permission issues for this specific client, I used Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler to help me automatically launch a PowerShell script to purge the unwanted files. I also prefer to use a PowerShell script since...Continue reading

SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2019

What are some differences between SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2019

Over the last few years, SQL Server had three major releases: SQL Server 2016 SQL Server 2017 (with the big milestone of SQL on Linux) SQL Server 2019 Compared to those two previous versions, SQL Server 2019 has some new and valuable features, such as Big Data Clusters, additional capabilities and improvements, SQL Server Analysis...

SQL Integration Services Catalog

How to create the SQL Integration Services Catalog

The Integration Services Catalog was introduced in SQL Server 2012 to provide in-house logging and reporting infrastructure. SSISDB database is central place for SSIS projects to execute a wide range of data migration tasks: Database backup Database encryption Support for environments Support project and package parameters Package versioning Customer SSRS performance reports built into SSMS...Continue reading

convert Redgate .SQB backup file to Native SQL Server .BAK backup file

How to convert Redgate .SQB backup file to Native SQL Server .BAK backup file

Native SQL Server creates backups are in .bak format, while RedGate’s product stores backups in .sqb format. Usually, database backup files with .bak extension contain data in the standard Microsoft Tape Format (MTF) used by Microsoft itself as well as many backup tools for the Microsoft Windows platform. Files with .sqb extension contain backups in...Continue reading

retrieve linked server information from master database backup

How to retrieve linked servers out of system database backup files in SQL Server

After a big disaster crash on one of our customers SQL Server 2016, luckily, we had the data and log files of a SQL-Server that has crashed. User databases have been restored. But we also needed to retrieve linked servers details. We attached the old master databases with a different name “master_recover” and also attached...Continue reading

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