How ChatGPT and Power BI can Drive Your Business to Success

Enhance your Power BI reports by using Python and the free gpt-3.5-turbo API or paid GPT-4 from OpenAI. This innovative integration opens up a world of opportunities to embed AI everywhere, making it accessible and applicable across various industries. Let’s explore how you can leverage the ChatGPT API with Microsoft’s Power BI, with an insightful...Continue reading

why snowflake

Why should you consider Snowflake Computing data warehouse as to be a part of your next platform

Many companies adopted Snowflake as their cloud-based data warehouse. It is mainly being used as a central repository for all company data from different business units for the purposes of Business Intelligence. Let’s look at some of the many benefits that using Snowflake data warehouses can provide. Ease of Use Simple user interface – designed...Continue reading

Accessibility - Accessible Power BI Dashboard vs Accessible Tableau Dashboard

Accessibility – Accessible Power BI Dashboard vs Accessible Tableau Dashboard

Accessible Power BI Dashboard Vs Accessible Tableau Dashboard Companies today, regardless of their size or their market, use Business Intelligence tools. The primary purpose of a Business Intelligence tool is to assist businesses in decision-making by visualize their data in the form of dashboards in order to gain insights of their data and better understand...Continue reading

Power BI Accessibility Keyboard Navigation

Power BI Accessibility Features – Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard Navigation:  Keyboard navigation is extremely important for visually challenged users for moving around in Power BI reports. Users with motor disabilities may not be able to rely on mice or trackpads to interact with their computer, because those devices require fine finger control. Users with visual disabilities may not be able to locate the...Continue reading

creating accessibility reports

Power BI Accessibility Features – Titles and Labels

Titles and Labels Since visual and report page titles and labels are important accessibility features that orient the report consumer, make sure you definitely avoid using acronyms or jargon in our report titles and labels. Make sure you position your data labels above or below your series, especially if you’re using a line chart with...Continue reading

Power BI Accessibility Features – Alt Text

Alt Text When a report user navigates to a visual, the screen reader will read out the title, visual type, and the alt text. Adding Alt Text (alternative text or textual alternative) allows screen readers (assistive technologies) to provide visually impaired readers with a better understanding of a document’s overall content. Finding the best alt...Continue reading

Power BI Report Accessibility

Power BI Accessibility Features – Color Selection

There are many different types of color vision deficiencies exist, from an inability to see the difference between one common color pair such as red-green (the most common deficiency), all the way to full color blindness where a person can see only varying shades of gray and black. Additionally, since color vision deficiency can also...Continue reading

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