Our experts are also highly experienced with B2B solutions across the board, as well as with legacy software. As long as your existing system has an API, we can connect it. Our versatility means that your new project integrates seamlessly into your existing systems.

SAP ERP Development Logo

The SAP ERP is a powerful B2B management tool that can be used to manage and organize data. It is modular and highly adaptable. We are well versed in this system and can work within it. We can also build API’s to allow other software to communicate with it.

Salesforce.com CRM Logo

Salesforce.com (CRM) is a powerful B2B software that connect all areas of a business. It allows businesses to store and organize data on all customers and leads, as well as data on interactions with those customers and leads. Phone, email, or SMS correspondences can be documented in there and the software provides automated reminders for necessary follow-ups.

REST API Development Logo

REST is a set of rules that developers follow when creating an API. Anyon Consulting LLC’s adherence to these rules ensures that future developers will have an easy time interacting with the solutions created.


SOAP is a messaging protocol tool that allows incompatible systems to communicate using XML.