SEO, in action, is the practice of making sure that the way your site is worded, coded, and interacted with is as attractive to search engine algorithms as possible.   In other words, we make sure your site does all the right things to show up when customers seek out what it is you’re selling. And the better your site is optimized, the higher up on the list you’ll show up.

Think of your site like a billboard.  If your site has poor SEO, that billboard is in the middle of the desert—no one is seeing it.  But if you optimize that site’s search engine visibility, it’s suddenly on a busy highway; and everyone that sees it is someone seeking out information on the services or products your business has to offer.

Our SEO experts achieve this through the use of 3 types of SEO: onsite, offsite, and technical.   First, for onsite, we make sure that the words used in your copy are the same words that the majority of people use when they seek out the products or services your business offers.   With offsite SEO, we look at the big picture; we seek out the links and keywords used by your competitors to align your site with theirs—and then best them.

Finally, on the technical end, we make sure your site is safe—SSL certified and up to date. If a site is not regularly updated with patches, it can be vulnerable to hacking and malicious content.  Google protects its users from this content by not featuring these sites in their search results. And it isn’t just Google--most browsers will warn users not to proceed to sites that don’t have SSL certification.  Google also has a preference for fast sites. That’s why we look at the coding and files used to make up your site to check for areas that can be made more efficient. The result? A faster site for your users and a more attractive site for search engines.

A website with good search engine visibility is an invaluable sales tool.   So don’t miss out. Get an estimate today.