Did you know that over half of all web traffic is made up of mobile users?   With the wide variety of web-capable devices out there—mobile phones, laptops, tablets, even wearables—it’s no longer enough for your site to look good.  It has to be responsive, meaning that it has to scale proportionally and keep the focus of the customer on what is important when accessed from a tablet a phone or any other device with web browsing capabilities. At Anyon we employ state of the art responsive website development techniques to make sure your website is designed and coded right from the ground up.

A responsive website is a site that renders well on all sized screens and devices.   Having a responsive site means your mobile users don’t pull up a series of links on a blank background or a never-ending loading screen.  Instead they get the online face of your business; no matter what device brought them there. And sites with responsive layouts are now indexed by Google first–meaning your search engine rank could be suffering if your site isn’t mobile friendly.

We use a variety of technologies in our responsive website development services.   WordPress, Drupal, Bootstrap. We choose software best suited to your business and your business’s needs.   So you can get a responsive site without slowing down your business or breaking the bank.