What is Power BI? 

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful software service that lets you take data from multiple sources and create intuitive visualizations, dashboards, and more. It helps teams facilitate collaboration and draw actionable conclusions from complicated datasets.  Power BI includes the means to create and edit these reports as well as the means to share them among your team. 

Who is Power BI For? 

Microsoft Power BI integrates seamlessly into Microsoft’s extensive software ecosystem.   Businesses that already utilize Microsoft’s other software services and solutions should consider Power BI for this reason.  As should any business interested in creating robust data visualizations and turning their data into smart decisions. 

Power BI Report Development

Anyon Consulting takes this functionality to the next level.  Our Power BI experts design custom accessible reports that are tailored to your business’s data and needs. These reports are robust and utilize Power Bi's advanced features and dynamic functionality. And we help configure and optimize Power BI's integration with your existing software to ensure easy access to actionable data.   With Anyon Consulting, you can get the most out of your Power BI solution.