Requirement Analysis

We begin our process by defining the scope of the project, detailing expected or desired timelines and functionalities. We don’t just define the goal of the software—we identify the intended Use Cases, or functionalities, of the software and come up with a plan to ensure that these functionalities work as intended by the client. We also define the roles of the people who will be using the software and assign different functionalities to each of those roles.


We get to work on the Back-End of your software. We build the internal systems and ensure functionality. During this phase we also begin on a wire-frame and an overall look and feel for the software. Upon client approval, we move on to the next phase…


This is where we add functionality and content to your software. In this phase, we begin on Front-End programming and connect UI elements to the Back-End functionality. It is during this phase that your software begins to come to life.


Once we have a functioning build of your software, our testers run a detailed test cycle on our staging servers to ensure that any and all remaining bugs are eradicated before deployment. If a defect is found, we generate a new build of your software and begin the testing process once more. We also check for regressions—or bugs that arise during the correction of other bugs. This process is only complete once we have a fully functional, bug-free build of your software.


It is very important to us that you get the most out of your custom software solutions. That is why we build custom training materials and offer a variety of different training options—such as webinars—to ensure the smooth implementation of your software.


We deploy your software so that you can begin using it. Once deployed, our maintenance team goes over it one last time to ensure absolutely flawless functionality. Our support staff remains available to you to assess and correct any problems that may arise with your custom software solution.