Our Development ProcessOur Development Process

Requirement Analysis

Our development process commences with a thorough requirement analysis where we outline the project scope, including projected timelines and functionalities. Our objective is to accurately define your software requirements, identify use cases, and devise a strategy to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems. We also assign distinct roles for individuals engaging with the software, tailoring functionality accordingly.


Next, we focus on the software's back-end, constructing internal systems and guaranteeing smooth functionality. Simultaneously, we create a wireframe and establish an appealing visual design for your software. Upon your approval, we advance to the implementation phase.


During this phase, we enrich your software with essential features and content. We connect UI elements to the back-end functionality by initiating front-end programming, bringing your software to life.


Upon completing your software's functioning build, our meticulous testers conduct a comprehensive test cycle on our staging servers, identifying and rectifying any remaining bugs before deployment. We continuously test for regressions, ensuring that new issues do not surface during the bug-fixing process. This cycle concludes once we achieve a fully functional, error-free build of your software.


We want you to reap the maximum benefits from your tailor-made software solutions. To guarantee seamless integration, we develop custom training materials and offer diverse training options such as webinars, ensuring your team feels confident using the new software.


Once your software is fully prepared, we deploy it for immediate use. Our maintenance team conducts a final check to verify flawless functionality while our support staff remains at your service, ready to assess and address any issues that may arise with your custom software solution. At Anyon Consulting, we're dedicated to providing you with a smooth and satisfying software development experience.