At Anyon Consulting, our expertise extends beyond conventional web applications and database projects; our skilled team also excels in cutting-edge ventures such as 3D simulations and IoT initiatives.

One of our most notable collaborations involves the globally renowned educational entertainment company, KIDZANIA. With branches in over 20 countries and a steadfast commitment to growth, KIDZANIA specializes in providing high-tech job simulations for young minds to explore various career paths.

For KIDZANIA, our team developed an incredibly lifelike flight simulator utilizing a Boeing 747 fuselage, imported from Mexico, along with a perfect blend of sourced and custom-crafted interior components. Our skillful use of UNITY 3D and Python programming languages brought this immersive simulation to life, offering an unparalleled educational experience for aspiring pilots. Completed within an eight-month timeframe, this ambitious project, valued at over $500K, exemplifies our dedication to innovation and excellence in turning imaginative visions into reality.