E-Care, a custom, scalable, and modular ERP system, is designed for efficient forklift fleet management. Developed using PHP, ASP, and Microsoft SQL Server within a Windows Server environment, E-Care offers a comprehensive suite of features, including quoting, order entry, stock product management, custom product builders, and material resource planning. The system also boasts a fully customizable reporting interface and a built-in API for seamless communication with SAP ERP systems.

With an impressive 491 distinct menus and over 1,025 active users, with up to 500 of them concurrently engaged, E-Care's application is certified by the US-based security firm, KION. Security remains paramount, as E-Care houses sensitive business information. To ensure data protection, all communications to and from the server are encrypted, and user passwords are encrypted using the SHA256 algorithm, negating the need for decryption.

E-Care takes user-based security a step further by offering multiple access levels. Each user has a personalized profile and dashboard, displaying modules tailored to their access level. The dashboard allows users to manage meetings, internal communications, notes, and more. Customizable reporting interfaces can be enabled or disabled per user access level, offering functions including editing, summary view, deletion, printing, and detail view options.

Printing is made convenient through traditional methods or direct output to PDF documents. The application's internal search engine delivers real-time database parsing, with customizable search fields on every report screen. Users can also save custom search filters to their profile for future use.

E-Care's highly functional and complex search engine stands as a testament to the ingenuity and technical capabilities of the Anyon Consulting team, showcasing our ability to create innovative and secure solutions for diverse business needs.