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Three Tips for Choosing a Data Warehouse

Choosing a Data Warehouse can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re not a technical person.  It’s also a hugely important part of building a Business Intelligence Infrastructure. There are a lot of things to consider and sometimes it can feel like there’s no clear right answer. So if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, check out...Continue reading

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4 Things to Consider When Building a New BI Solution

Whether you’re a new business, a business new to Business Intelligence software or a business looking to upgrade its current system, there are a lot of options available these days. That’s because more and more businesses have begun to recognize the benefits of these softwares and services. But with so many options to choose from,...Continue reading

How to limit a database size on SQL Server

In an ideal world, we would not need to focus on the size of a database, but in most cases, we need to consider limiting our database size’s. If such considerations are not made, databases can grow faster than we expect and cause a whole slew of problems—architecture, availability, maintenance, performance tuning, just to name...Continue reading

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