Microsoft SSRS Dashboard

Castle Peak Capital Advisors, a Minneapolis-based private equity firm, manages one private fund and oversees approximately $99.5 million in total assets under management (AUM).

Seeking to enhance their reporting efficiency, Castle Peak Capital Advisors approached Anyon Consulting for assistance. Initially, they were using an older version of MySQL for their database management, coupled with Excel and Crystal Reports for reporting. Their goal was to streamline data access and consolidate reporting within a single software solution.

Our first step was to migrate their database to MySQL 5.6. We then optimized their updated database by fine-tuning configuration settings and refactoring queries for performance improvement. With a faster and more efficient database in place, we moved on to address the client's reporting objectives using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service). The choice of SSRS was based on its compatibility with the client's current database and its availability at no extra cost, offering more extensive reporting capabilities than their previous solution.

Our team at Anyon Consulting designed and deployed a diverse range of reports for Castle Peak Capital Advisors using SSRS. Some of these reports were based on existing Excel or Crystal Reports, while others were created from scratch. We ensured that the reports catered to both associates and upper management, highlighting the client's expertise in compliance, risk management, and valuation analysis.

These newly implemented SSRS reports became invaluable presentation tools for Castle Peak Capital Advisors, enabling them to engage in productive discussions with investors, financial institutions, hedge funds, equity firms, and venture capital groups. Our work with Castle Peak Capital Advisors showcases Anyon Consulting's commitment to simplifying and revolutionizing business processes, enhancing efficiency and success at every turn.