What are the most common keyboard shortcuts for Tableau

In the Tableau Desktop you can use a combination of keys to do things rather than reaching for your mouse to navigating a menu. A single Tableau Keyboard shortcuts can really improve your productivity and allow you to multitask very efficiently.

Try a keyboard commands a few times, and you’ll find out just how useful they can be. 

Here are some of the most indispensable keyboard shortcuts for a Tableau Desktop:

Ctrl + M: To open a new worksheet
Ctrl + N: To open a new workbook
Ctrl + O: To open existing Tableau workbook
Ctrl + H, F7: To switch in and out of presentation mode
F11: To switch in and out of full screen mode
Ctrl + W: To swapping fields between “Rows” and “Columns”.
Ctrl + P: To print the complete dashboard or sheet of Tableau workbook
Ctrl + D:To connect new data source
Ctrl + 1:  To open or close Show Me Card
Alt + Shift + F: To place the selected field on “Filters” shelf
Alt + Shift + Backspace: To clear all the contents from current worksheet
Ctrl + Alt + C: To create a calculated field

Adjusting Rows and Columns:

Ctrl + B:  To reduce the cell size
Ctrl + Shift + B:  To increase the cell size
Ctrl + Left Arrow: To make the rows narrower
Ctrl + Right Arrow: To make the rows wider
Ctrl + Up Arrow: To make the columns taller
Ctrl + Down Arrow: To make the columns shorter
Alt + Shift + C: To directly place the selected field in “Columns” shelf
Alt + Shift + R: To directly place the selected field in “Rows” shelf

Moving fields to Marks card:

Alt + Shift + O:  To place the field on “Color” marks
Alt + Shift + L:  To place the field on “Detail” marks
Alt + Shift + I:  To place the selected field on “Size”
Alt + Shift + T: To place the selected field on “Text” marks card

Using function keys:

F1: To open the “Help” window
Alt + F5: To refresh the data sources
Alt + F2: To rename the data sources
F12: To revert the workbook to last saved state
F2: To rename column field (when field is selected in the data schema pane) or to rename calculated field (when calculated field editor is open)

To navigate between sheets:

Ctrl + PgDn: To navigate through the sheets/dashboards on right side
Ctrl + PgUp: To navigate through the sheets/dashboards on left side
Ctrl+ Tab: To cycle through sheets

Windows Hot Keys/Keyboard Shortcuts That Carry Over to Tableau:

Ctrl + S: To save the Tableau workbook
Alt + F4: To close the current workbook
Ctrl + A: To “select all data” in sheet of tableau workbook.
Ctrl + C: To “copy” the selected data in the tableau workbook sheet
Ctrl + Z: To undo your last step
Ctrl + Y: To redo your last step
Ctrl + X: To cut text selection (in captions, titles, formulas, etc.)
Ctrl + F: To find
Ctrl + V: To paste clipboard
Esc: To clear the selection

You can visit Tableau help page for more shortcuts that may fit your needs.

Please contact us  if you need help resolving Reporting issues.

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