Tableau Sharing by Tableau License Types

Tableau licensing can be confusing. It might be difficult to figure out what exactly users can and cannot do with each license type. Mainly Tableau has 3 role-based licenses which allow developers to deploy data broadly across their organization to their users.

  • Creators can access the full functionality of Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Server/Online to create content. The Creator license is designed for users who create and publish data sources.
  • Explorers have access to a subset of Creator capabilities via Tableau Server/Online only, to author new content based on existing published data sources and workbooks. The Explorer license is designed for users that want to explore governed self-service analytics. For example, users can explore available data to answer their own questions, rather than having an analyst do this for them.
  • Viewers receive a limited set of capabilities based on the needs of someone who views and interacts only in Tableau Server/Online. The Viewer license is designed for users that just want to access – but not have to create – dashboards and visualizations.

Tableau License Types

In conclusion:

Depending on the level of interest within different business groups in your organization, your allocation of Creator, Explorer, and Viewer license types will vary.

See full detailed comparison chart on the Tableau website.


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