Power BI new feature announcement – Connected Excel Tables from Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has rolled out a new feature called Connected Excel Tables from Power BI which in other words is an enhancement to the existing Analyze in Excel feature.

Before now, you could only analyze live Power BI data in Excel using PivotTables (with the Analyze in Excel feature) but with this new experience, you’ll be able to use excel tables to analyze live Power BI data.

Earlier Analyze in Excel would allow a user to establish a live connection to a published datasets using pivot tables and the data limit was capped at 150K.

This new feature provides data access in excel from specific visuals in a traditional tabular format establishing a live connection to the dataset so you can refresh your data without leaving Excel.

Connected Excel Tables from Power BI

And the new open also lets you export more data with data limits raising up to 500K into Excel from Power BI.

Users should have built permissions on the datasets to be able to use this functionality.

This new feature in Power BI is a step forward in streamlining the process of accessing and analyzing data from Power BI in Excel. With Connected Excel Tables, users can now work with their data directly in Excel without having to switch back and forth between Power BI and Excel.

This can save time and improve productivity for users who frequently use both tools for their data analysis needs. Additionally, with the increased data limit of 500K, users can access and analyze larger datasets in Excel, making the process of data analysis even more efficient.

The live connection to the datasets also ensures that the data remains up to date, so users can always work with the most recent data. If you are a Power BI and Excel user, be sure to try out this new feature and see how it can enhance your data analysis experience.

Read through the contents from the below link for a complete understanding of this feature: Announcing Connected Excel Tables from Power BI (Public Preview)


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