Power BI Accessibility Features – Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard Navigation: 

Keyboard navigation is extremely important for visually challenged users for moving around in Power BI reports. Users with motor disabilities may not be able to rely on mice or trackpads to interact with their computer, because those devices require fine finger control. Users with visual disabilities may not be able to locate the cursor on the screen. You can probably think of other scenarios where navigating using the keyboard is preferred.

The big difference between the keyboard and the mouse is that when users navigate through the keyboard, the access to the visuals on the report screen is sequential: users must tab through all the visuals one by one before reaching a visual of interest. 

Even the most fancy or wonderful report is completely useless to someone who cannot access its controls and interact with it.  Keyboard-friendly reports make these interactions possible for users who cannot use the mouse.

Navigating a Power BI report using the keyboard shortcut is relatively straightforward:

Power BI Accessibility Features Keyboard Navigation

You can find the full list of the shortcut on Microsoft official page for “Keyboard shortcuts in Power BI”.


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