Power BI Accessibility Features – Tab Order

The Tab Order is a simple technique that allows users to more easily navigate across our report using the keyboard shortcuts alone. On most reports the tab order usually coded to reflect the page layout; that is top to bottom and left to right. This helps sighted keyboard users get around the page.

To set the tab order in your Power BI report:

  • select the View tab in the ribbon
  • under Show panes
  • select Selection to display the Selection pane
  • select Tab order displays the current tab order for your report
  • select an object, then use the up and down arrow buttons to move the object in the hierarchy, or you can select an object with your mouse and drag it into the position you’d like it the list.
  • Also note that clicking on the number next to an object hides the object from the tab order.

Power BI Accessibility Features Tab Order

The Tab order on one of our sample dashboards below, follows the same visual flow as the page layout. The red numbered circles indicate the order and direction of tabbing through our dashboard.

Power BI Accessibility Tab Order

It only takes a minute to set the tab order in your Power Bi report, but it greatly increases usability for keyboard users.


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