How to Link a Single Visual from Power BI into PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentations can benefit significantly from incorporating interactive and data-driven content from Power BI. Although there isn’t a direct method for inserting a single Power BI visual into PowerPoint, a workaround exists that involves creating a separate report page containing only the desired visual and linking it to PowerPoint. This blog post will guide you through the process step by step, enabling you to enhance your presentations with Power BI visuals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Linking a Single Power BI Visual into PowerPoint

Follow these steps to create a new report page with a single visual and link it to PowerPoint:

1.Create a New Report Page with the Desired Visual:

Open Power BI Desktop and create a new report page containing the visual you want to link to your PowerPoint presentation. You can achieve this by duplicating an existing page and removing all visuals except the desired one. This process ensures that the visual is the only element on the page, making it easier to embed into PowerPoint.

2.Save and Publish the Report:

Publish the report to the Power BI service, which is essential for generating the embed code you’ll need to link the visual to PowerPoint.

3.Navigate to the Report Page in Power BI Service:

In the Power BI service (, go to the report page containing the visual you want to link to your presentation. This location is where you’ll create the embed code for PowerPoint.

4.Access the Embed Options:

Click the “…” menu icon in the top-right corner of the report page and select “Embed” from the dropdown menu. This action opens the “Embed Report” dialog box.

5.Select the “Single Visual” Option:

In the “Embed Report” dialog box, choose the “Single visual” option, which allows you to generate an embed code specifically for the visual you want to link to your PowerPoint presentation.

6.Copy the Embed Code:

Copy the embed code that appears in the box below the “Single visual” option. You’ll use this code to link the visual to your PowerPoint slide.

7.Navigate to the Desired PowerPoint Slide:

Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you want to embed the Power BI visual.

8.Access the Insert Video Options:

Click the “Insert” tab in the PowerPoint ribbon and select “Video” from the “Media” group. This action opens the “Insert Video” dialog box.

9.Insert the Embed Code:

In the “Insert Video” dialog box, choose the “Online Video” option and paste the embed code from the Power BI service into the “From a Video Embed Code” field.

10.Embed the Visual:

Click “Insert” to embed the visual into your PowerPoint slide. The visual will appear on the slide, and viewers can interact with it just as they would in Power BI.

Benefits of Embedding a Single Power BI Visual into PowerPoint

This method enables you to link a single Power BI visual into PowerPoint, giving your audience access to the full report if they want to explore the data further. As a result, you can create more engaging and informative presentations that leverage the power of Power BI.


While it’s not currently possible to insert a single Power BI visual directly into PowerPoint, the workaround described in this blog post allows you to achieve similar results. By creating a separate report page with the desired visual and embedding it into PowerPoint, you can enhance your presentations with interactive and data-driven content that adds value and improves audience engagement.

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