How do I display only the Time from DateTime field in Tableau

I find some time formatting the fields  can really be challenging. I had a particular trouble recently when I needed to display only the time from DateTime field in the format of “H:MM:SS” from a DateTime field in a “MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM” format. So I thought I’d share how I converted the datetime field into a time field that Tableau could work with.

Here is the formula that I used for the calculated field:

IF DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField]) = 0 THEN '12'
ELSEIF DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField])<10 THEN STR(DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField]))
ELSEIF DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField])>12 THEN STR(DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField])-12)
ELSE STR(DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField])) END //hour
+ ':' +
IF DATEPART('minute',[YourDateTimeField])<10 THEN '0'+STR(DATEPART('minute',[YourDateTimeField]))
ELSE STR(DATEPART('minute',[YourDateTimeField])) END //minute
IF DATEPART('second',[YourDateTimeField])<10 THEN '0'+STR(DATEPART('second',[YourDateTimeField]))
ELSE STR(DATEPART('second',[YourDateTimeField])) END //second
+' '+
IF DATEPART('hour',[YourDateTimeField])>=12 THEN 'PM' ELSE 'AM' END //AM or PM.

And here is how the calculated field looks like in the Tableau Desktop:

Calculated Time Field

And here is how it looks like on the chart:

Only Time from DateTime

Also if you are to use Tableau Public, the dataparse() function can also be used for this purpose.

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