Empowering the Future: AI-Assisted Automation in Saudi Arabia’s Power Infrastructure Overhaul

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing heavily in the modernization of its power infrastructure, amplifying energy management capabilities and uplifting customer service. Part of this transformative vision included transitioning from old installation practices—swapping all analog meters with state-of-the-art, internet-enabled digital meters for streamlined, automated billing. But as the Kingdom quickly realized, replacing millions of meters was a mammoth task riddled with challenges, from human errors and inconsistent practices to delays and scheduling conflicts.an outdated electricity meter

Recognizing these hurdles, we were called in to offer a solution, and we proposed an AI-assisted automation approach. The ultimate goal was to automate data entry, verification, and compliance checks, and here’s how we achieved this.

An extensive dataset was meticulously compiled, comprising images, detailed specifications of all the meters in use across the Kingdom, compliance requirements, customer feedback, and installation log records. Using this wealth of information, we trained a Computer Vision model for automated meter identification and validation, alongside a Convolutional Neural Network to decipher crucial data from meter imagery, such as wattage, readings, and linked client accounts.

We also designed a powerful machine learning model that combed through historical data, flagging any potential hurdles or bottlenecks.

Our AI system employed sophisticated computer vision algorithms to identify and verify the make and specifications of the newly installed electricity meter. By comparing physical attributes, serial numbers, and unique markers against documented information, the system flagged any discrepancies in real-time, necessitating further inspection.

The AI system worked behind the scenes to automate data entry, extracting relevant details from various sources including installation documents and technician reports. The result? Greater accuracy and substantial savings in time, as well as mitigation of errors commonly associated with manual data entry.

A replaced energy meter with AI vision automation

As an autonomous auditor, the system conducted a thorough check for adherence to standards, examining installation norms such as wiring connections, meter placement, and safety compliance. Any deviations were promptly identified for rectification or closer scrutiny.

What we achieved with AI automation was astounding – fewer manual interventions, faster completion timelines, and streamlined quality control checks. This led to more accurate billing and assurance of strict adherence to installation standards and regulations, ensuring top-tier quality and safety. The AI system’s operational prowess significantly enhanced the installation process, reduced disruptions, and enriched customer experience. Moreover, by optimizing processes and centralizing image-based quality assessments, we contributed to operational cost reductions and maximized resource utilization.

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