Our accessible Business Intelligence consulting solutions turn your collected data into actionable data. 

Business Intelligence — or BI—is the practice of analyzing and organizing data to better understand business operations and customer behaviors.  The data used in this process already exists—we just make sense of it for you.   Once organized, this data can help your business make better decisions. 

Our experts boast years of experience with business solutions and technology.  We use this expertise to determine key metrics to help track your business operations.   We don’t just build BI analytics — we build smarter businesses. 

We have experience with all major database platforms.   For raw data, we start by digitizing it.   We then classify that data to define relationships and connect data sets together.   From here, we begin to extract information that will lead to more educated business decisions.   

For data islands, we offer custom software development services.  We use the software we create to connect your data islands.  This helps us better understand the relationships that exist between the data housed within them.  These custom software development services can also create programs that automate the analysis of the data collected—meaning fresh data coming in is immediately analyzed and turned into actionable data.      

We present data we organize using either your existing interface or a system such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services or Microsoft Power BI.   We use this software to generate accessible and easy-to-read custom dashboards and reports.  This software can also send automated notifications to keep you up to date on key metrics.   These business intelligence tools make it easy to stay informed and up-to-date on your business’s operations from anywhere in the world.