Since 2005, Anyon Consulting has been building smart, software-focused solutions for modern organizations, administrations, and businesses.  We’re headquartered in Minneapolis—with experts across 3 continents.

Our team is built around expertise and a passion for what we do.   From our highly experienced programmers to our versatile creatives, we all stay up to date on industry best practices so we can show your business the next big thing.  We are Business Intelligence and Data Analytics experts as well as Dedicated Programmers. We do not outsource the design, programming, or database design to third parties.  When you talk with our team, you’ll get insightful responses and insights relevant to your business or organization.

We believe in building solutions that address the root cause of an issue—not just the symptoms.  This means incorporating automation wherever automation is possible and utilizing technologies tailored specifically to each project.  We believe in expertise and adaptability over size and quantity.